One Night Only

IMG_8870_2“My dream was to become a big Broadway star, but that’s not going to happen.”

“I was fascinated by puppetry as a kid, participated in high school drama as a teen, and pursued acting on and off as an adult until I realized I needed a day job. I’m a sometimes actor by night and I work in a law firm by day.”

“Acting is easier when you’re not doing it to support yourself. As a working actor you do a lot you don’t want to do because you need a paycheck. I do it now because I love to inspire people and bring alive something that is historical. I’m performing in The Great Nickelodeon Show at the Vogue Theater in San Francisco. We’re recreating what it was like to go to the movies in 1910. I’m singing in between the silent movies, accompanied by the same master pianist that plays during the films.”

“This is a 1923 phonograph. You use one steel needle for each 3-minute record and then discard it. They cost about a penny each. I use a 1911 phonograph during the show because it is more authentic to the era. It’s just harder to haul around.”

“How long does the show run?”

“About an hour and 1/2.”

“No, I mean how many weeks?”

“One night only, March 26th.”

This is Sean. I hope he makes it to Broadway.

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  1. I sure hope he finds his moments of glory and this adventure will open multiple doors for him!

    March 27, 2015
    • Me too, Chris. He was so passionate about his craft and such a nice person.

      March 27, 2015
  2. Linda Plummer said:

    Love the picture – he looks like he just walked right out of vaudeville. Thanks for sharing. Hope this brings more people to his show.

    March 31, 2015
    • Thanks Linda. He caught my eye as I was sharing an ice cream treat with the kids and I couldn’t leave without asking him for his photo!

      April 1, 2015
  3. Andrea said:

    More power to him! Love the photo too. Wish I could’ve seen the show!

    April 2, 2015

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